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Southern OR Coast
Hoop Dance & Wellness Retreats

Our retreats are all about Connection...

Our intention is to help you connect deeper:

to your higher self, 

to nature,

to your hoop dance practice,

and to other women of shared interests.



Do you love hooping and desire to increase your abilities?


Looking for a fun adventure in a nurturing and supportive environment?


Our secluded get-a-way has the comforts of home surrounded by the beauty of nature.

We offer:

Intensive hoop workshops

Restorative Yoga classes

Meditative nature walks

Mindfulness exercises

Beach flow sessions

Sunset hoop jams

LED glow session

and much more!

Our retreats are designed with all skill levels in mind, so no matter if you are a total newbie beginner or well advanced in your practice our professional instructors are ready to work with you to help you achieve your personal best. All activities are optional, so you can partake in as much or as little as you like.

Our retreats are truly small and intimate with less than 20 guest hoopers.

Come Grow with us!

 2022 Dates

August 18-21


~ Retreats grounds are located 12 miles S of Bandon, OR. in the coastal mountain range.

80 acre peaceful and private setting with wooded trails, open meadows, terraced gardens and sparkling night skies.

Comfortable rustic accommodations offer dorm-style lodging which house from 2-6 people each.

Camping spots are scenic and located near amenities.

pond @ pavilion
High meadow view W to Pacific
Lower Pavilion
Mist in the trees HW
Deck dining
Coquille West
Coquille Dorm
Coquille East
A view from Coquille
Sixes Dorm
Sixes view to South East
Springtime Lawns
Fern pathway to Rogue
Wisteria in its glory
Rogue all dining and gathering space
Lower pavilion view to SE
Stephania coast view
Upper Pavilion pond
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Paula V.

My attendance at the Southern Oregon Coast hoop retreat was absolutely wonderful.   I cannot say enough about how positive my entire experience was from start to finish.  The instructors were so patient, kind, and knowledgeable and are gifted in teaching the art of hooping to all levels.  There were other various options of classes to partake in such as yoga and a chakra dance. 

The property is absolutely gorgeous and the accommodations were so comfortable and welcoming.  The meals provided were all deliciously homemade and healthy.

Em Robbins does a phenomenal job of hosting this wonderful retreat.  I look forward to attending the next one. 

Guest Reviews

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Megan M.

The 2019 Southern OR Coast Hoop Retreat exceeded my expectations and then some.  As a beginner hooper, I enrolled with the intention of investing in sharpening my skills and finding my flow.  I was also drawn into the gorgeous pictures of the tranquil venue and its dreamy backdrop. What I was blessed with, in turn, was a true understanding of the term “sacred circle.”


Being shy and introverted, I was pretty nervous about fitting in and making new acquaintances.   As soon as I arrived, however, all of my fears and apprehensions melted away thanks to the warm welcome and positive, feminine energy of the incredible instructors, hostess, and hoopers in attendance. Feeling included while focusing on my personal growth helped to make each hoop session, yoga class, nature walk, and nourishing meal an incredibly memorable, as well as spiritual experience. Collectively, the 2019 Southern Coastal Hoop Retreat felt like my formal initiation into the hooping community, and I cannot wait to return in 2020.

Deon 3.jpg

Deon M.

As a beginner hooper I was a little apprehensive about what to expect, but the second I got there, my fears were eased by the instructors with their  welcoming and accepting attitudes.  I got a lot of encouragement by coaches and participants (my new friends) and before I knew it I was knee hooping on one and two legs!  The meadow at the top of the resort was the perfect place to run around, feel free, touch the sky, and breathe the ocean air. The retreat really got me reconnected me to nature; which was a goal of mine. Be sure to bring your favorite  hoop and an LED if you have one; night hooping with your new friends is a special experience.  Also bring a hat and warm accessories for the pleasantly chilly nights.  The food was very healthy and yummy which made it super easy to stay on track with my nutrition. All around a nourishing retreat!


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Ann Humphreys


Ann Humphreys began her hoop journey at the age of 35 when she spied a hot guy dancing in public with what appeared to be a large black hula-hoop. It was 2005 in Carrboro, North Carolina, and the hot guy was none other than Jonathan Baxter, founder of the HoopPath and original innovator of breaks and reverses. Ann’s dear friend Kimowan persuaded her to attend Bax’s hoop class the following week, and she was hooked.

For several years, Ann and Bax toured together, meeting hoopers and sharing techniques. When they parted ways in 2009, it was as best friends–which they remain to this day. In 2010 Ann moved to New York and began teaching solo for the first time. With her trusty dog Vincent, she traveled the US for two full years, connecting with hoop communities.

In 2012, Ann began writing what would eventually become her memoir, The Tao of Hoop: On the Transformational Practice of Hula-Hooping (Seriously, Though). It took her seven years. In the summer of 2020, with the world on pause, Ann decided to publish the book herself. Through the loving support of her extended community, she raised $10K and brought it into the world.

Katie Pinto


Katie Pinto considers herself a play professional.  Heavily influenced by a professional background in yoga, dance, music, and performance, Pinto enjoys the game of "cross-Prop-ulation" - exploring the fusion between modalities.  While she practices and showcases a variety of props, her home is still within the hula hoop.  She has become a little less nomadic over the past few years, currently with her home base in Arcosanti, Arizona and training adventure cats.


IG: @KatiePintoBellaFish

Kittens IG: @ds9lives

Michelle Gulledge

A certified Hoop Love Coach, Michelle has been dancing with hoops for nearly a decade. She loves the joy and emotional release that she experiences when hoop dancing and has developed a strong skill-set that she excitedly shares with others. She views hooping as a tool for therapeutic self-expression, meditation, and creativity. Her hoop style is often described as dancey, graceful, and flowy. 


Michelle has a gentle and friendly demeanor and strives to maintain a supportive and kind class environment. As a teacher she uses her dance background to help students sharpen their skills, using simple choreographed sequences to provide guidance and structure while encouraging her students to explore their own unique styles. In her classes you can expect to incorporate dance movements with hoop tricks and deepen your mind-body connection.


Michelle is excited to flow, grow, create, and connect with you this year at

S Oregon Coast Hoop Retreats!

You can find her on social media @shellbellhoops

Lauri Stricker.jpg

Lauri Stricker

Lauri operates a Pilates studio in Evergreen, Colorado, and has taught Pilates for the past 20 years.   Having experienced and observed the miracle of movement as medicine to heal the body, mind, and heart, Lauri expanded her modalities and received certifications in Vinyasa Yoga, Aireal Yoga, and Paddleboard Yoga.  After her second son was born, she passionately studied Barre and began her program, "Barre-Elevate," leading teacher training programs around Colorado. 


 Lauri always seeks to share her love of movement, be that hooping at the park and making new friends,  practicing Pilates, Yoga, Barre at the studio, or rock climbing in the Rockies (a playful vertical dance). 

Allison Kirley

Allison Kirley is a licensed massage therapist, holistic life coach and yoga instructor. Her mission is to spread joy, be a catalyst for change, and help others realize their full potential.


She is excited to use all of her modalities together as tools to help people move toward wellness, balance, and self-love. Allison attended massage school at The University of Western States and has been practicing massage since 2011. She has an undergraduate degree in exercise science and has completed training programs in nutritional therapy, yoga, breathwork, life and health coaching.






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General Daily Line-up

Instructor lead yoga


Short break

Hoop workshop

Short break

Hoop Workshop

Beach flow session



Hoop workshop



Short Break



~Evening activities- (vary, but include flow jams, talent show, and instructor showcase)


You are free to take part in as much or as little as you like.  During breaks you can explore one of the private trails, take a nap, play croquet, badminton,  or another game, or just hang out with a new friend- whatever you please.

~~Massage will be available to schedule

(additional fee applies).

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