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Our retreats are all about Connection...

Our intention is to help you connect deeper:

to your authentic self, 

to nature,

to your hoop dance practice,

and to other women of shared interests.



Do you love hooping and desire to increase your abilities?


Looking for a fun adventure in a nurturing and supportive environment?


Our secluded get-a-way has the comforts of home surrounded by the beauty of nature.

We offer:

Intensive hoop workshops

Restorative Yoga classes

Meditative nature walks

Mindfulness exercises

Sunset hoop jams

LED glow session

and much more!

Our retreats are designed with all skill levels in mind, so no matter if you are a total newbie beginner or well advanced in your practice our professional instructors are ready to work with you to help you achieve your personal best. All activities are optional, so you can partake in as much or as little as you like.

Our retreats are truly small and intimate with only 25 guest hoopers.

Come Grow with us!

 2024 Dates

July 25-28



Past retreats were held on the southern OR coast, our 2024 retreat is located in the mountains of Northern California near Mt. Shasta. 

​Peaceful and private setting with wooded trails, open meditative spaces, wildland gardens, a babbling creek, and sparkling night skies.

​Comfortable rustic accommodations including yurts and glamping tents that house between 1-3 guests each with nearby shared bathroom facilities.

Deluxe Glamping Tents
cedarsong yurt1
cedar yurt 2
Paula V.jpg

Paula V.

My attendance at the Southern Oregon Coast hoop retreat was absolutely wonderful.   I cannot say enough about how positive my entire experience was from start to finish.  The instructors were so patient, kind, and knowledgeable and are gifted in teaching the art of hooping to all levels.  There were other various options of classes to partake in such as yoga and a chakra dance. 

The property is absolutely gorgeous and the accommodations were so comfortable and welcoming.  The meals provided were all deliciously homemade and healthy.

Em Robbins does a phenomenal job of hosting this wonderful retreat.  I look forward to attending the next one. 

Guest Reviews


Morgan B.

I attended the Coastal Hoop Retreat for the first time in 2022. Upon registering I had no idea what to expect, I just knew that the retreat looked like a lot of fun and a great way to build my hoop community as well as enjoy some time on the beach. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this retreat FAR exceeded my expectations in every possible way and was forever life changing.

I had been in a dark place mentally and emotionally and was in dire need of community and love. What I found at this retreat was all of that and so much more. I found my life long soul tribe and forever friends that continue to shower me in love on a daily basis. More than that I found my love for myself.

This retreat was more than just a TON of fun, it was spiritually uplifting and left me feeling whole again.

I will be forever grateful to Em for hosting such an incredible event that literally set my life on fire (in the best of ways), and for doing such an amazing job feeding us such delicious food!

This retreat was life changing and I cannot wait to come back.
The mountain is calling"


Laurissa B.

This retreat is magical! The location is stunning and the community is so welcoming. As a shy introvert attending for the first time was definitely outside my comfort zone. Meeting this group of passionate and supportive women was life changing for me. If you want to make friends with other flow artists this is the place to do it! I always leave feeling inspired with new moves and a deep sense of connection with our little community. Em is an all out superstar: amazing hostess, organizer, and cook. She accommodates my vegan diet fabulously. This weekend is nourishing for the mind, body, and soul. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend, and I can not wait to go back!"


Deanne Love
deanne love (4).png

Deanne Love has ignited a global revolution of embodied flow inside a hoop.   Hoopers around the world tune in to learn from her fresh and passionately positive style of hooping guidance.  


The creative founder of shares high energy live and online classes, workshops and hoop teacher education.

Strong in the art of streamlined instruction and intuitive facilitation,  Deanne turns up the volume on the “feel-good-factor” as a source of embodied freedom for all levels of hooper.   She shares hooping as a delicious hot pot of tricks, transitions and technique.  Harnessing both the flavours of individual style and collective energy, 


Deanne supports group diversity and the exploration of unique flow immersion in all of her facilitation.

Find Deanne at:

Insta: @deannelovexo

Katie Pinto


Katie Pinto considers herself a play professional.  Heavily influenced by a professional background in yoga, dance, music, and performance, Pinto enjoys the game of "cross-Prop-ulation" - exploring the fusion between modalities.  While she practices and showcases a variety of props, her home is still within the hula hoop.  She has become a little less nomadic over the past few years, currently with her home base in Arcosanti, Arizona and training adventure cats.


IG: @KatiePintoBellaFish

Kittens IG: @ds9lives

Michelle Slind

A certified Hoop Love Coach, Michelle has been dancing with hoops for nearly a decade. She loves the joy and emotional release that she experiences when hoop dancing and has developed a strong skill-set that she excitedly shares with others. She views hooping as a tool for therapeutic self-expression, meditation, and creativity. Her hoop style is often described as dancey, graceful, and flowy. 


Michelle has a gentle and friendly demeanor and strives to maintain a supportive and kind class environment. As a teacher she uses her dance background to help students sharpen their skills, using simple choreographed sequences to provide guidance and structure while encouraging her students to explore their own unique styles. In her classes you can expect to incorporate dance movements with hoop tricks and deepen your mind-body connection.


Michelle is excited to flow, grow, create, and connect with you this year at our Mt Shasta version of our PNW Coastal Hoop Flow Retreat!

You can find her on social media @shellbellhoops


Amanda Carson


Hi I'm Amanda, and I’m your photographer. I believe the shame that society puts on our human form is misguided and keeps up from being our fullest self. There are few things more liberating than to feel safe to express and fully be in our bodies. Let’s return to ourselves and this miraculous earth we inhabit, shall we?

I will be offering private photo shoots during the retreat (for additional fee).

I am also offering a Vocal Alchemy workshop, It’s said that our voice is as unique as our finger prints. A particular vibration that only you carry…. how special is that?

Our voice is at the core of Vocal Alchemy. The essence of this offering is to liberate our ourselves from suppressed tension, grief, anger, and sadness through sound. breath, movement, and vocalization that will support us in freeing our voices and transforming any stuck energy that is ready to GO!

Instagram: @wildunfurling



More  Info Coming Soon!

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