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New to hooping?

If you are new to hooping you probably have lots of questions-

The foremost of these is often-

What size/type hoop do I need?


This question has lots of answers and is dependent on several things-

What do you hope to do with your hoop? 

Personally, I, like many others,  started out with waist hooping.  For waist hooping and on-body hooping in general and especially for beginners, bigger is definitely better.  Now what  'bigger' is depends greatly on your height and your build.  Typically you'll be looking at a range of 38-44" diameter and (with tubing size of 3/4-1" PE or HDPE).  It is often recommended to measure from your belly button to the floor, and I would err on the side of bigger rather than smaller- the bigger the hoop the slower the rotations and the more time you have to make the necessary movement to keep the hoop going.. Make sense? The weight of the hoop also has a role to play and as a beginner you will likely benefit from a heavier hoop (same reason as before).


If you are wanting to start with off-body moves, like weaves, lassos, isolations, etc., etc., you are likely going to need a smaller lighter hoop- you can do the motions with your big heavy hoop but you will find it can be very tiring on your hands and arms and lead to bruising.  So for this type of hooping you'll want something lighter- Polypro or HDPE in a smaller diameter- probably between 30-35" and a smaller type of tubing like 3/4" or 5/8"  (or the newer 11/16") polypro.

For the first year that I hooped I had only 2 hoops - A 42" (1" PE tubing) beginner hoop and a 35"  (5/8" tubing) lightweight hoop, they served me well in the foundational moves.  If you continue in hooping you'll likely end up with a hoop arsenal for your different practice needs- but 2 hoops is a great starting point.

If you are attending on of our retreats we will have a range of hoop types and sizes that you can try.


If you need a hoop now- One reliable hoopsmith  that we can recommend is:

Livi Joy Aley

Livi is kind and helpful and can assist you in finding the hoop you need

When ordering from her use the code 'coastal15' to save 15% off your hoop.

















Okay, so you've got your hoop situation straight but you need some help with the basics.. or beyond..


My biggest hoop influence is far and away Deanne Love of Hooplovers.  Deanne is incredibly upbeat, encouraging, and an amazing teacher.  She is very in touch with what it feels like to be a beginner -and from my experience her explanations are the best around. 

Deanne has an amazing(!) amount of free tutorial videos on youtube and also some fantastic courses available for very fair prices on her website


Here are a few that I particularly recommend:


Total beginner and need some support? This is a great option:













28 Day Starter Pack


Have a decent handle on the foundational moves but have a hard time flowing them together?
You might like to try:







21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge - Access Your Unique Hoop Dance Flow

D Love for web.jpg

For me, shoulder hooping was incredibly hard! It took a lot of time and patience-

(and I also used this course- it was extremely helpful)












21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge

D love for Web 2.jpg
Deanne LOve twin.png

And my final recommendation for now-

Try this if you're wanting to explore playing with 2 hoops:









21 Day Twin Flow Experience

We hope you have found this info useful, If you have other hooping questions we are happy to help or point you in the right direction-->

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