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Planning your trip!

If you will be traveling by air:


Here's what you need to know:

Closest airport is located in Medford Oregon.. it's only about an hour drive away but is a tiny airport and so often spendy to fly into- if you are in a western state- definitely check their rates- as they have some direct flights to large western cities that are quite affordable.

Less expensive options:  Medford (MFR) is about a 3.5 -4 hour drive (very scenic though- including redwoods and a gorgeous stretch of coastline) it's a small airport but rates will be much better than N. Bend.

Eugene is about a 3 hr drive, so a little closer, airfares usually comparable to Medford. Drive is less scenic but car rentals are usually cheaper there.

Portland (PDX) is definitely cheaper.. but drive time is about 6 hours.

If you are driving: 

Here are some approximate drive times:

Mt Shasta: 4hr 45min

Ashland: (about 4 depending on route)

Arcata: 3.5

Medford: (3.5 or 3 depending on route)

Eugene: 3

Portland: 5-6

Seattle: 7.5

Other things to keep in mind:

People will be coming in from virtually all of these directions- so having an option for car pool or sharing a car rental (or even a hotel room in the city you fly into /out of) is highly likely.  A month before the event- we will open up a private group page on fb where you can meet other attendees and arrange ride-share/etc.

Also, please reach out with any questions related to routes or travel- we are happy to help you make your plans.

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